Dave’s Positive Mind Formula

Supports a positive mood by providing brain and nervous system support

Dave’s Positive Mind formula is a special blend of herbs that support healthy brain and nervous system function. Many of these herbs are considered sacred and calming in ancient cultures.  Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, considers the heart the “seat” or center of the soul. When this seat is disturbed, mental and emotional symptoms of anxiousness can arise.  More specifically, emotions become constrained, preventing us from connecting with our inner feelings and releasing them and relieving the symptoms of stress. Dave’s Positive Mind formula gently works to allow a person to connect with their emotions and solve problems by removing the energy that is blocking the emotional aspect of the heart.

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Dave's Positive Mind Tincture

Albizzia Flowers: Also called “collective happiness bark,” is used in other cultures for supporting nervous system and cardiovascular system health. According to the Chinese the symptoms of a bad temper, sleeplessness, irritability, and forgetfulness are due to constrained emotions (affecting nerve and heart health).

Blue Violet Leaves: Expectorant, alterative (blood health), and support healthy kidney function and is used to support a healthy lymphatic function. (Mild to low toxicity).

Flos Lonicerae Japonicea: Clears heat and relieves fire toxicity; for hot, painful sores and swellings in various stages of development, especially of the breast, throat or eyes. Calms anger.

Lavender: An herb that supports healthy nervous system, muscle, and circulation function while it assists in normal digestive and brain function.

Radix Polygala Tennifoliae: An herb used to “calm the heart” in other cultures as it supports normal nervous system, brain and cardiovascular system. According to Chinese medicine, it is effective for excessive brooding or constrained, pent-up emotions supporting normal brain functioning.

Red Sandalwood: An astringent, mucostatic, demulsive, and detoxicant herb. It is also used to maintain and support cardiovascular and lymphatic health. Red sandalwood is used in other cultures during meditation to open the third eye; it vibrates between the 7th and 1st chakras and so is stimulating as well as grounding.

Squawvine: A diuretic herb supporting healthy urinary function and liver function (blood health). It is also a female tonic (hormonal support) and astringent. In Chinese medicine the liver meridian=anger and kidney meridian=fear.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, water, less than 5% alcohol. Does not contain soy, dairy, or wheat.

[My son has a] more positive mental outlook on life. My moods are more balanced. I am able to concentrate and think more clearly. I don’t experience anxiety as often. Improved quality of all our lives! Thanks!
– Anonymous

We love how this has helped our boys. Really improved grades, attitude, behavior and mood. Thanks for all you are doing, learning and teaching us. Thanks.
– Noni

I started taking Dave’s Positive Mind three months ago. Since then, I’ve noticed that my day is more peaceful. I have better success in fulfilling my daily errands. At first I was skeptical with regards to natural remedies, but am now a true believer.
– Robert

I take it because I feel more at ease with day-to-day stress.
– Carol

This stuff works – my 9-year-old son was having difficulty focusing in school. He was struggling with reading and spelling. With his frustration over the struggling he would become angry. We started Positive Mind and all things improved. He is doing better in school as he can focus and remain focused. He then understands reading and tries rather than gets frustrated. At home mood has also improved, not so angry or quick to be angry. We all love Positive Mind. Thank you Dave.
– Sherrie

Positive Mind…helps my mood swings.
– Paul

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