Dave’s Relief Formula

Supports healthy tissues and joints by encouraging energy flow

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy blockage of any kind to areas of the body such as muscles, tissues or joints is called stagnation, resulting in aches and discomfort to that region of the body. When energy flows correctly balance and vitality is restored to the body. Dave’s Relief formula is designed to recover energy flow and help the body to free itself of simple aches and other discomforts.

2 oz. – $19.95
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dave's relief formula

Boswellia: A resin that has been used in India for centuries to alleviate joint aches and stiffness as well as support the respiratory and colon systems. It has also been used to support the liver and blood.Corydalis : One of the strongest herbs available for symptoms of achiness, stiffness, and other minor discomforts. It has been used by many cultures for muscle health, sleep issues and symptoms of discomfort.

Ginger: A circulatory stimulant and moves energy to ease the symptoms of achiness. It is an energy mover and helps the body to provide nutrients in areas of discomfort and achiness. It supports healthy digestion and respiration. Ginger is used to enhance the action of the other herbs in this formula.

Myrrh: Supports and relaxes the smooth muscles. It has been used for skin irritation and menstrual discomfort. It also supports healthy digestion and respiratory health.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, water, less than 5% alcohol. Does not contain soy, dairy, or wheat.

My family uses Relief instead of ibuprofen for headaches or body aches and arthritis pain. It is amazing. We start with one or two but if the pain isn’t gone in 30 minutes we take one or two more and boy does it work!
– Cindy W

My husband fell and crushed his heel. He has a plate and thirteen screws. Relief really helps the pain.
– Janice V

I take Dave’s Relief for intense neck pain that will incapacitate me for days. Relief will completely stop this pain and allow me to function normally again. Thanks Dave!
– Willard P

My knee locked up and popped. I couldn’t walk for two months. Now my knee locks up but I ease it out and it’s OK and hasn’t gotten worse.
– Jay O

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