Become a Presenter and Teach in our Store

We welcome any health and wellness educator to become a presenter and teach in our store. Educating our customers is our main passion. In order to teach classes in our stores you must first become a presenter (approved by Dave). Once your are approved, you can rent our classroom(s).

What We Seek in A Presenter

Our mission is to better the lives of all our customers. So, our classroom facilities are open to those who seek the growth of others in their pursuit of better health and well-being. If you wish to become a presenter and teach in our stores you should reflect the values of our mission. You should be a support to our business. Applicants should exude a healthy lifestyle. We are seeking partnerships that last, but single classes are possible as well.

Educating our customers is important to us. The main goal we wish is for them to confidently assume responsibility for their own health. Those who apply to become a presenter and teach in our stores may not be approved if (1) they sell their own line of supplemental products that are in competition with Dave’s Health & Nutrition, and/or (2) prior agreements with our wellness center practitioners (chiropractic, life coaching, acupuncture, etc.) who may teach the same subjects.

Classes We Encourage

We encourage classes that educate our customers in proper food and nutrition, natural supplements, healthy living and lifestyles, and other genres of healing such as essential oils, flower essences, crystal healing, and positive energy and thinking. Classes or events should better our customers’ abilities to take charge of their health and lifestyles and give them skills to better their health.

How to Become A Presenter

To become a presenter and teach in our stores, please fill out the presenter form below. We will contact you for a phone interview. Approval will come by email or phone.

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